Friday, December 28, 2007


Whew, Chirstmas is over! Sad and yet I sigh a sigh of relief. We had a quiet Christmas, but it is still chaotic and wild with my duckies stuck in the house due to the freezing weather and constant rain. It DID snow a teensy-weensy bit on Christmas day, and that was very exciting. The kids have been going a bit stir crazy from not going outside much in the last couple of weeks.

Wednesday there was a break in the weather and Sugarplum got to try out her new roller skates and Superman tested his new skateboard down at the park near our home. Little E. rode along on her trike she got for her B-day. We were only there about a half-hour before the cold got to them--well to me anyways. Little E.'s fingers, nose and chubby cheeks were bright red and both the kids's pants had got wet from minor spills off their new wheels. So we headed home for hot chocolate and a treat from our stash. ***side note: We received a HUGE amount of cookies, brownies and other treats from several friends. If you are in the neighborhood and need a fix for your sweet tooth, come on over!**

Today we dabbled in our Advent/Christmas lapbooks. Sugarplum went to town on an ABC Advent coloring page that we turned into a cute calendar. The littles basically colored a bit and pleaded with big sis to share her new art set with them. Which she eventually did after a little chat about sharing. I hope to have thier lapbooks finished tomorrow so I can load up the pics here and on the new lapbook blog....Seems like so much to do!

I still have not fully moved over to the new blog... and not sure if I will. I think it's mainly for lapbooks, resources etc, and not for blogging or rambling--do I ramble?!?! I'll figure it out. Ah, well, that's me, so much to figure out, never enough time to do it in.

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