Saturday, May 31, 2008


I've been successful this season with my flowers. I long for a green thumb, but mine is somewhat tainted. We started a few flowers for our front yard about 6 weeks ago and they're still doing well. I'm a container gardener for the most part, at least with my flowers in the front yard. I tried the first two years we lived here to grow them in the flower bed, but they never turned out very well. So containers it is!

I did manage to weed out most of the lemon balm in our backyard's flower bed this spring and transform it into a little veggie garden. Woohoo! Growing up we always had a garden, it is just part of life for me. Nothing feels as good as getting down in the dirt, digging in the cool morning and smelling the tangy tomatoes or sweet, spicy peppers or the earthy lettuce. mmmm....

I did save some of the lemon balm (aka Melissa) in one little spot. That stuff takes over every where, but it smells so good. In the summer, our yard is lemony fresh the natural way.

Anyways, I was playing around with my new camera and tried a few floral shots. I'm a people snapper myself, but I'm trying to stretch and get more creative. Here's a shot in color:

And in black & white:

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