Thursday, October 9, 2008

wrapping up this week

Well, we're nearing the end of another week of school. Although we didn't get a whole lot done yesterday, my poor Sugarplum was sick with the flu. This morning she woke up feeling much better and so took our time with school today.

We had our U.S. states co-op this week. One mom is reading Flat Stanely to the kids-a little bit each class. So this week, she brought some butcher paper and each kid got to make their own 'Flat Self'. That was a blast. The kids took turns drawing the outlines of each other and then they each colored themselves in. Our Superman even drew his little belly-button. Cute! The moms who were teaching this week gave us some info on the states we're studying too. We did some notebooking and lapbooking at home on Delaware and Pennsylvania this week, so I hope to wrap that up. The next class will be my turn to teach. Yikes! I have a bingo game with all the states that the older kids might like, but I'm not sure what I'm going to plan for the younger crowd. I hope my creative mind comes back to me, I seem to have lost it somewhere...

I do have to brag--ahem--mention the deal of the week I made. While perusing the mall for some local postcards for our U.S. states co-op class, we stopped at an outlet Christian book store. They had a few shelves of homeschool material (!!) so I kindly asked my husband to entertain the kiddos in the children's section so I could peruse through the shelves. There it was, the corner a little bent, but still intact; the cover only slightly crased in said corner. IT was the teacher's manual to our science curriculum this year! For $2.49!!!!. It sells from the publisher for nearly $30.00, and one on ebay was going for $15.00 but I was hesitant weighing it out. Now I know why! My husband was definately not as thrilled as I was as I did a itsy-bitsy happy dance in the store and nearly giggled with glee. He gave me the 'can-we-go now-before-the-kids-drive-me-crazy' look after the 'what-the-heck-is-so-exciting-about-a-book?' look during my silent happy dance. As I hurried to the cash register, my heart thankful to God for the bargains he sends me from time to time I noticed it even has the CD inside with all the cute little songs to go along with the lessons. Praise the Lord for all he does. Even tiny miracles.

Tomorrow is our pumpkin patch field trip-weather permitting-- I'm not that excited about tromping with my littles through the mud in the rain with a stroller besides. Please, Lord, let it be nice.
Happy Fall!

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Valerie said...

Oh fun! I love snagging up bargins at the discount Christian this the one that moved in by Gotshalks? I've been eyballing it, but never got the chance to check it all out :)

Hope it stays sunny enough for your pumpkin ride tommorow, sounds like fun :)