Wednesday, November 5, 2008

November WIP

For school this month I'm trying to get back into lapbooking. We've done only one lapbook since school started, and now that it's finished, I think we're ready to jump right back in. Sugarplum just finished her Jonny Appleseed l.b. today. I hope to get some pics up later in the next week--my camera's card is full right now, so I need to put *developing those pics* on my to-do list as well.
We've had a plodding pace since we've started school, so I thought I'd jump-start our yearning for learning with some new ideas to grow on. Now that the weather has definately turned to fall--in our neck of the woods fall =rain, wind, cold--anyways, since we're cooped up inside more I've got to fill that time with something new and exciting for the kiddos, so it might as well be educational too.
For starters, has an entire page of monthly themed printables *FREE* for early learners. I printed out a few turkey and pilgrim activities for Lil' Roo to keep busy with while the big kids are doing their workbooks. There's FFG's, matching, ABC's, numbers, shapes, etc. *Bonus* you can print in either color or b&w. I usually opt for b&w and have the kids color them.
Next has a theme page as well. Scroll down to November and pick up some cute ideas, songs, activities for Thanksgiving, Pilgrims and Native Americans.
The kids decided they wanted to try to make an American Indian lapbook this year. Last year, we focused on the Pilgrims, so it's time to switch things up, I guess :o) So we're checking out Mellissa's page on Squido along with using our own History Pockets of Native Americans by Evan Moore I snagged at a thrift store last fall. The History Pockets was a bit over their heads last year, but I think they're ready for it now.
We're also eeking our way into a nature notebook. I've spotted it on some of the other homeschooling mom's blogs and really wanted to give it a try. It says to start with the first 5 challenges and then jump in with the current challenge. We havent' started yet because our computer has been having *issues* and this is the first time I've been able to stay online for more than a few minutes without it freezing up and crashing. (crossing my fingers) I know, I know, starting a nature notebook in the rainy fall weather...what is up with that?!! But it will give us (er, me!) some motivation to get outside hopefully.

Whew, that's quite alot. I hope it keeps us busy for the next few weeks ;o)

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