Thursday, January 22, 2009

In progress-Valentines Day lapbook

I'm working on a Valentines Day lapbook for next month. My hope is to have as many resources as possible to make a fun lapbook. Deciding what to cover is always a challenge. Do I stick to the basics or try to include everything? There are so many different ways to go, so I'm going to try to break it down as I collect information. So here's some links to get you started.

Two complete lapbooks based on two stories is at One is on Cranberry Valentines and the other is on Jan Brett's Valentine Bears. I plan on using a few templates from both of these as the main part of our lapbook, and add in whatever else fits in with what we're learning. also has several Valentines day games, crafts and copywork you can add to your lapbook.

Some fun worksheets:

Memory game

Phonics and Literacy:
ABCTeach freebie page has both writing, reading and some math worksheets.

ActivityVillage, TeacherHelp, and EnchantedLearning all have a great section of free crafts, games, mazes and color sheets.

At least over here, when we think of Valentines day, we think of ladybugs. So here are just a few ladybug links:
A theme page with just about all links you can think of is at AtoZ Teacherstuff
Childcareland has some free ladybug games geared for prek-1st.
Free crafts are at EnchantedLearning
A free printable life cycle and here is a great color photo to check out.

Social Studies:
If you are learning about the post office, stamps and letters, there's a cute craft here. Just scroll down to the Mail Carrier heading.
EverythingPreschool has a great post office theme page, just click their links to find art, games and activities. We plan on adding an extra big pocket to store our valentines in our lapbook.

Whew! That will keep us busy for now, Happy Lapping!

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