Monday, March 9, 2009

Back to life, back to reality

The past 3 weeks have been sick days here. It started with Superman on a Tuesday morning. His eyes were red, he slept all day-so not normal for my busy little guy-his throuat hurt, he was just miserable. That afternooon, I told the gal I babysit for, she probably should keep her little guy home since my boy was sick.

The next day, Wednesday was a thrill! My washing machine decided to unplug it's hose-you know the hose that ALL the water drains through. It's a magical hose that mysteriously takes all the water from the washer into never-never land and in the end, my clothes are clean and clinging to the sides of the washer. Well when that hose wriggles free, water goes everywhere! Yes, I had over AN INCH of water from my laundry room right on through to my kitchen and I barely caught it before it seeped into the living room carpet. It took me over 5 hours to sop up all that water, and then wait til hubby was home to re-attach the hose so I could now wash every single towel we owned. Ah the joy! And yes, Superman was still sick, even worse with fever and aches, so that was a tough day.

The following week, both my girls and I caught the terrible flu bug. I was on the couch for 3 days sleeping in and out of conciencness. The girls were pretty much the same. I think we watched every single Veggie Tale and Disney movie we own. My wonderful husband decided I was too incompetent (haha, I jest, I begged him!) to take care of myself and the kids, so he stayed home and nursed us all back to health over the next 5 days. By the next Sunday night I still had a high fever and not fully well, but at least I could move without groaning (what a wimp!). The little one we babysit had issues of his own and developed pink eye and an ear infection, so at least we were all sick at the same time.

Today is Monday, almost a full 3 weeks since it all started. Life is slowly getting back to normal. The little guy is back, no more fevers or sore throats for my own children. School has resumed-although were not getting very far very fast, but at least it's done! And it snowed this morning-just a little bit, but enough to look pretty falling as we watched out the window.

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