Saturday, September 17, 2011

More Virtues and 25% off!!

Patience, Diligence, Honesty....ever wonder how to teach these things to your children?  We all struggle as parents with the *HOW* sometimes.

Or maybe it's just me. I know the end result I want out of my children--I want them to be Honest.  But how do I teach them how to BE honest from the get-go.  Besides 'Lying is wrong' or there's the ol' soap-in-the-mouth stream of thought.  How can I actively teach and engage them into living out Honesty every day? 


I was BEYOND blessed last week by two amazing women.  And look what they did:

And you'll never guess what was inside!!!  The Homeschool Kit!!!   Posters, Charts, the FLASHCARDS!!!  I oogled over the teacher manual for a couple hours,--yep, I'm a nerd!-- and couldn't wait to show them to my children.

 Actually I take that back, I didn't really want to show the kids just yet.  I'm anxiously waiting for the Teacher Cards to arrive so I can officially begin instilling character traits that last in our Bible time every day.   

From one mom to another, this curriculum is fantastic.  Heather poured her heart into creating an all encompassing curriculum, from the color backgrounds and hidden pictures to how to implement it into your teaching and family life.  She gives real life examples and her genuineness shines through.   It is so thoughtful and well put together, I just can't say enough good things about it. 

My kids love that the visuals are colorful and not too 'babyish' as my SIX  year old put it.  She's so grown up, at the ripe old age of half-a-dozen!  They love the short catchphrase that explains the virtue. I love this too. It gives my older kids a little more to think about  *HOW* they can demonstrate the virtue, and it gives my younger child a better picture of what is expected of her.  Win-win!! 

Since my kids are really visual, they also like their very own Personal Virtue Chart.  As we will work on a virute, I will give them a stamp or a sticker every time I catch them using their virtue.  After they complete a certain amount, they will get some kind of award or treat.

**I usually don't like behavior modification/ reward type discipline, but now that my kids are older they understand that it's not about the 'treat' but it's about changing your heart.  Don't get me wrong, they love to get a prize whether it's a piece of candy or a date night with mom or dad, but we teach them to focus on the journey, not the prize.**
I am so thankful to Heather for using her God-given talents to help families and for creating an inspiring way to teach Virtues to our children. 

And right now through September you can get 25% OFF the new Teacher Cards for Families and the Homeschool Kit!!!  This is an amazing deal!! And if you click through my blog on the links a tiny portion goes to support my little family as well. 

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