Friday, March 23, 2012

We're learning all about Australia this week for our homeschool group's 'Country Report Night.'  So what better way to keep all the great information we learned than in a lapbook?!!

 Here are their covers:

 Inside Hulk's lapbook. His favorite topic was the boomerang and how the Aboriginies used them.

How can you study Australia without delving into the amazing animals that live there?  Here are a few of their animal cards. We wrote all kinds of interesting facts on the back of each card.

Aborigine cave drawings

 Inside Sparkle's lapbook is her map and diagram of what comes from Australia.

 And her cute kangaroo with a little joey that slides in her pouch.

My oldest did a more official report rather than a lapbook, but that didn't stop her from jumping in and getting creative with dot art.

It was a fun week learning about the land Down Under.  There is so much about  this amazing country/continent. A week on the Great Barrier Reef alone would be cool to study.

*Most of the printables seen here are from a package called 'Continental Little  Hoppers:Australia' From Teacher Book Bag.  I bought mine at  The other printables are free at

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