Monday, July 23, 2007

a post from me :)

Just a post from me. A couple of friends have wondered why *I* haven't posted anything here yet,just put up some good articles. LIke I said, I'm just starting this blog and I wanted to get some good reads up. Plus, I really don't have tons and tons of free time to dream up interesting things to say, lol.

I'm not perfect, nor do I aim to be. I don't think I have to be 'perfect' to be a homeschooler, or a mother for that matter. I just live in the grace and mercy of a loving Heavenly Father, who I daily run to warts and all crying for forgiveness, mercy and strength. I cannot be responsible for anyone's reaction to the call on my life. I can only hear what my Father tells me and only by His grace do I attempt to live on the path He calls me to. The tender Holy Spirit is my guide and friend as I put my trust in Him.

I know not everyone feels the same way, so no flaming here *K*!! All posts will be moderated.

When inspiration hits me, I'll be sure to post it here. Today is not that day. After an almost sleepless night due to heat and restless babies, and a day of non-stop action with my kids plus a few extras, I feel my brain is draining(an inside joke of me and Gabe). I still have an appointment later today and the rest of life's details to take care of. Glug, glug, there goes the last of my energy.


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