Friday, August 17, 2007

A breath of fresh air

Well a new school year is on the horizon and I am slowly getting it together. I have been getting my year plan organized in my head and now that I have a couple of weeks off of daycare, I'll be able to relax and put everything onto paper. I'm a paper person, if it's not on paper, it isn't real, going to happen or able to stop floating around in my head. I already have the first week planned out, but I'd like to create a school planner or buy one if I can find one I like so I can keep it all organized in one place.

The hard part-well one of the hard parts-- of this year is trying to forsee how everything will fit together. Like, will I do notebooks or lapbooks for Bible time, or just have them read the Bible? How will I fit Five in a Row into everything else we have going on? Will I be able to schedule any of our h.s. co-op classes into our week? I am not the kind of person who can just fly by the seat of my pants; I need a plan, a yes or no answer, plan A and plan B...Ah the grid-like mind can sometimes drive me crazy, lol. I know it will all come together eventually.

I need a breath of fresh air before I begin, before we begin. So we are going to be doing that tomorrow. Get away from everything, everyone, every family drama, every worry and care of school, work, money, house, etc., etc, etc. IT will be good, no great to set everything aside and just BE for the day. We all need a breath of fresh air to clear our minds, settle our spirit, come back to our center, and regain our perspective and focus on the ONE who really matters.

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