Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Deborah Company

My mom and I started a new Bible study based on the book by Jane Hamon called The Deborah Company. This book is so amazing! I can not express how life changing this study is already. It is about becoming a woman of God-totally breaking the mold of the false perception that women are weak or less or can't function as part of the Body of Christ in ministry. But it does not go above the role and surpass God's divine order or try to usurp power from others. It's not man-bashing at all, but a calling to destiny, to using the gifts God planted inside each one of us to walk the path with Christ.

It's empowering, and it feels like a calling to destiny. Are you walking the path the Lord has laid out for you in power and authority? Are you the woman of valor, honor, destiny that you know you are called to be? Are your gifts redeemed and are you using them for Godly purposes? Are you in harmony with the vibration of Heaven and the Holy Spirit? These are the answers this points to.

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valerie said...

Sounds interesting! You'll have to keep us posted! Where did you get the book?