Tuesday, April 15, 2008


We finished our classes on knitting at our Keepers of the Faith club and now we're on to crocheting. Sugarplum had a hard time figuring it out, oh, wait, that was me! I've never crocheted in my life, so I guess it's a good thing to be learning something new.

Sugarplum wasn't as thrilled with crocheting as she is with knitting. She's been going to town making what she hopes will be a small blanket for Roo. Her first try was with very small sized needles, so we got her some 13s and things are going much smoother. Can you believe she's only in first grade and can knit!?! And here I am a grown up and just learning how, pretty funny. We're working on counting our stitches so she can stay even.. that seems to be a bit daunting for her. Once she's on a roll, there's hardly any stopping her. It'll come and she's just so content to sit and knit on and off throughout the day, I'm not going to stop her.


Valerie said...

That is wonderful! I just taught Sissy how to knit too!

That's too funny :) She's working up some red/pink yarn as a scarf!



Creekermom said...

Can you share with me how you taught her, I have a DD who is also homeschooled and we are members of Keepers At Home (Keepers of the Faith) and I do knit a bit, making scarves and such nothing major as of yet...

But how did you introduce her to it.
We are working on Candy making, Friendship, Origami to name a few of the ones we are as a group working on and that doesn't count the ones we do at home. ;)