Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunflower lapbook photos

We worked on Sunflower lapbooks in May, so I'm super slow at getting these pics loaded up, but finally I had a few minutes.

This is the inside of my pre-k's --blurry, but from the top we attached notebooking pages to the center of the lb. with brads. We also added his lifecycle circle there too. Inside we kept a journal of the sunflowers we planted (only one sruvived thanks to the birds and cats, :(. ) We discovered what the seeds are used for besides eating (!!), the pollination process as well as some crafts from He did some short vowel sounds petal books and wrote the words inside each petal. His handwriting is really coming along as well as reading skills.

And the inside of my 1st grader's. Some of the same as above with the life cylce. journal and crafts. She just did more writing in her journal and learned more about the parts of a sunflower.

And the cover of my 1st grader's

And the back of hers as well with some notebooking pages attached with brads to the folder itself. She wrote a short story, some freebie worksheets we found online and this cute acrostic poem frm

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Jimmie said...

Great combination of lapbooking and notebooking! Wonderful job!