Saturday, September 6, 2008

First week or two

We're on a roll for school. The excitement is still fresh in the air. Now that the neighborhood children are in school, there is alot less distraction and we are settling in to a schedule. Still a few tweaks needed here and there, but it's going well so far.

Our 2nd grader is still in the review phase in phonics, which is good because it gives our kindergartener more time to learn along with us. We've been using Abeka phonics. I grew up on Abeka, so it's a familiar feel for me. I really do think they're phonics program is superb. I try to incorporate as many of the charts and games as I can. The kids love to play 'On the Farm', "In the Meadow' and 'Dress the Bear'. Just cute little games to reinforce what they're learning. And they have fun, and shouldn't learning be fun?!!

Math-U-See is working out great for our kindergartener. He asks to 'Do math with Steve' every day. Even if we watch the same lesson a couple of days in a row, he's still learning. I let him use the blocks to build with while I had some one-on-one with our 2nd grader this week. He went right to work building a rocket--I think it had something to do with our solar system study that we're still slowly working on ;o) It kept him busy while I worked on our 2nd grader's math facts.

We started our Considering God's Creation last week. We're doing the first lesson on Creation which is where I start every school year in Bible, so it's coordinating right along for now. I found a CGC yahoo group online yesterday and I'm hoping that will help me as we venture in farther. The group has some awesome templates that go along with the book for lapbooking or notebooking-right up our alley!

I was panning on studying history using, but our h.s group is forming a co-op on the 50 states! Talk about timing, right? We're going to get together and learn about 2 states a class starting with Delaware and go through the states in order of statehood. I think our family will make a lapbook with some notebooking pages for each state and put it all together in a binder. Fun!

I'm still looking for inspiration to keep me--The mom and The teacher--organized and on top of everything. Sometimes it seems like there are so many things we want to cover or learn about that I don't know where to fit them all in? Anyone else have that issue? At our home we've got a continuing study of knights, trucks, gardens, faries, animals, art, drawing, worship, the list goes on. It's hard to fit it all in with phonics charts and math flashcards :). Where does it fit? Any ideas are welcome!


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