Monday, September 15, 2008

LIttle House in the Big Woods

We've bee reading our way through the first book in the Little House series. Even our Kindergartener likes it. He's really all about the adventure and why Pa has a gun and if there are going to be any more bears. Our second grader is getting into the stories themselves and we've been watching the tv series of Little House on the Prarie with Daddy in the evenings too.

I picked up a Little House craft book at our local library and the first project is to make a corncob doll, which of course our second grader was more than excited to try out. Just so happened that we made corn on the cob that very night. After drying the corncob out a day or two in the sun, we were ready to make it. It turned out pretty cute, even though we used yarn for hair instead of corn silk as the book suggested. Honestly I didn't want corn silk all over my house, it seems to wander into the corners of the farthest room every time we make corn anyways--magic or is it the 3 year old??!! hmmm.....

Secret confession of a homeschool mom: I could spend the entire year focusing on the Little House series and forget about everything else. They are so lovely, so full of wonderful life lessons, character and faith. I'm just not sure I could pull it off and be sure to include all the other stuff like math or science. My hubby is afraid I'll start wearing bonnets and making my own cheese if I go too deep, LOL!!

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