Monday, February 16, 2009

Pocahontas Lapbook

Front cover-drawn by miss 2nd grade herself.

Our 2nd grader studied Pocahontas this month and she loved every minute of it. She read several children's biographies about Pocahontas and together we scoured the web for info, pictures and history. We compared real life to the Disney movie (which I personally do not like, but oh well) and she was surprised at how different the facts are from the movie. But she's only 7,so it's easy to understand.
Most of our printables came from, even though we were not able to use the book they recommended, we still got alot of great info to fill up the booklets.

We covered Pocahontas' childhood, the fabled rescue of John Smith and made a timeline of her life.

Here we learned where her tribe is from and about some events in her life.

Here we studies about the Powhatan tribe what little we know of it today.

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Jimmie said...

The cover art is so striking! Well done!