Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Day Lapbooks


Front covers l-r: Miss 2nd grade, Mr. Superman, Little Roo

We were busy this week putting together our Valentines Day lapbooks. They had a blast doing these and we did lots of extra art projects at home to go along with them. Most of our printables came from, and we added a few of our own and a cute mini-book from This was mostly just for fun, even though we did end up learning about the history of St. Valentine.

Miss 2nd Grade and Supermans were pretty much the same, we did copywork, Scripture, history, the symbols and some stamp fun. The 1Corinthians 13 idea is from CPP, I just drew my own on colored paper.

Superman's 1Corinthians 13 copywork and his stamp-one for mommy and one for daddy.

Miss 2nd grade's flower book-the meanings of different colored roses.

Little Roo's lapbook-she did some tracing and coloring and I made her an Ll book. I made her a matching game with hearts cut in half and printed ABC's on each half and she matched them up. They were no-where to be found when I took the pic, sorry!

I also made her a cute game with graduating sized hearts and wrote the words to "Jesus Loves Me" on them. I got this idea from Christianpreschoolprintables, and just made mine out of construction paper.

Side note to my friends...Thank you all for your encouragement this week and for your smiling faces when I needed them most! You are a treasure!


H0MEFree said...

BTW- that was great! You were fantastic teaching that workshop!

I like the smaller and smaller hearts portion in the bottom of the post. Very cute!

God bless you this weekend! Maybe I will see you in Albany at the evening services?

Rhine Ramblings said...

Great work!! :)
I changed the security settings on my blog and I need your email address so you can be "invited" - otherwise you won't be able to see it.
Hope all is well with you :)

Valerie said...

These are wonderful too! I like how you adapted the resource to make your own....I do that to when I'm low on ink, lol. Go figure.

Hey, I started a blog about our homeschool finally...just dedicated to the crafts and such that don't really have anywhere else to go.

It's not quite "open" yet :) But maybe when you have a sec, you can come by and take a sneak peak :)

Hope you're doing well! Did I tell you we moved back to Eugene finally!


Valerie said...

Ummm? Did I leave you a link to the blog?

sigh, it's late.