Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ladybug, ladybug...

I made my preschooler the cutest ladybug lapbook a few weeks ago. This one and the Brown Bear one are her absolute favorites! She brings them out at least 2 or 3 times a week and goes through the little mini-books with me. We keep finding more ladybug projects so of course we add it in!

Here she is making ladybug finger prints...whoa! stamping is fast and furious work, look at that blurry shot!

I made these cute ABC mini-books with printables from
They have a free ladybug lapbook that you can print out. I used these ABC templates and folded them in half so my preschooler can unfold them and review her capital and lower case alphabet. I glued them on green leafs I cut from construction paper, and I had to make two books--one for each half of the alphabet, whew!

I got this idea from I used their cute little ladybugs from one game, cut several out and drew a simple leaf shape on each page. Then my preschooler glued the appropriate number of ladybugs on each leaf. We concentrated on learning up to number 5 in this book. She can count to twenty with some help, but seemed to leave poor little number five out every time :) She traced the numbers herself, mamma is so proud!

I will attempt to straighten this out as time allows, but for now, you can join me in tipping sideways for a second. We added a couple of tracing worksheets from, a cute filefolder game from, a bingo-marker counting sheet from and I made a simple size sorting game for her with red construction paper--an idea I got from, but was again running low on ink, so I had to improvize. Trust me Valerie's are way cuter than my homemade ones!

Here is the lapbook inside. We recited the poem off and on this week. I really didn't pressure her to memorize it at this point, but she can say the first half of it all by herself now. We made a life cycle from and the "L is for..." wheels and counting with ladybugs are from
Such a fun lapbook to make and watch my little preschooler learn along with. I will be saving this one in the keepsake box when she's done with it for sure.


Stacey,momof 2 said...

awwwww,,,such a lovely topic!

Valerie said...

I love it! I'm in search of a journal this week too! With my kiddos, I start a new journal for each of them and write about them as they grow up! It's so fun to look back on them too, and they'll have a little treasure when they get older.

I'm going to walmart to get mine too! Way cheaper and easier to shop ( If the kids break something, I can afford it....LOL)