Monday, August 3, 2009

And then she was four

Where did the chubby cheeks and dimpled thighs go? How can my baby be hanging upside down from the monkey bars and daring to ride big sister's old two wheeler bike? How can she be four?

How sweet to sit with my baby on my lap. She is always singing, dancing, bringing in the light. Still she is my baby. She loves to cuddle up on the couch and read book after book after book. She will dance whenever and WHEREVER she hears music--be it at home, at church or in the grocery store.

Three is such a magical age. Three is silly, surprising and full of nonsense. Three year olds say things like "mac-a-moni n' cheese", "fwusterbated" and my favorite quote of all, "My foot isn't tired at all, my foot doesn't want to go to bed. My foot wants to stay awake with you." Three is so precious, and now three is over.

And now time marches on to four. FOUR!!?!! What will this new age bring? I've been down this road before, watching my babies grow, change, become. It is an awsome privelege to be a part of the molding and shaping of these amazing children. Continually I am humbled by the task set before me by my Savior to point these arrows to Him. Still such a big leap from one year to the next overnight is hard on mommy's nerves. They quickly sprout , yet still....still I can see their baby-face hiding just below their skin. She will always be my little Roo, my baby-cakes. And I...I will always be here to play some music, read a story and spot her when she's on those dreadful monkey bars, because that's what a mommy does.

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charisse said...

I love to have wonderful finds at second hands stores too. Good job, on finding them.