Friday, August 21, 2009

Thrifty finds

While hunting my local thrift store, I came upon two books that I had really wanted to add to our bookshelf. The first one I'd seen over on Jimmie's blog: onechildpolicy at HSB. She used it as a supplement for her child's math, and made it sound like a great way to cement math concepts in a fun way. Then I found it at our library and decided to try some of the activities. Guess what??!! My kids LOVED them! If math can be fun, I am all over that. So when I saw this staring at me on the shelf for only $1.25, I scrounged up my change, and snatched it up.

I almost missed this one. It was lying on top of a stack of books trying to blend in. This little number has five, count 'em F-I-V-E books in one! Including one of the science books we'll be using in our Adventures in MFW. I was going to just borrow the book --Birds, Nests, and Eggs-- from our library as needed, but now for $2.29, I can read it any day of the week--and no late fees!

Love those deals, don't you?

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Susan said...

I've considered family math several times. Is it easy to implement? Good to see you tonight.