Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pure Joy

I'm reading this book called Pure Joy by Arther Burke and Crysal Wade. Basically, it is a book of blessings (prayers) to read over your children to bless them and enlarge their spirit in relationship to God. We all have heard God created us body, soul and spirit, but only when we take some time to ponder what exactly those three parts of us are do we start to understand what our spirit is. Our spirit is the part of us that connects to God, it is not the soul which is our will, personality, emotions. Our spirit is the part of us that leaps during worship, grieves during intercession and daily communes with our Savior.
So as I pray these blessings over my children I pray that the eyes of their heart may be opened, that they feel the love of the Father and know who they are in Christ. That they understand the destiny they have in Him as well as their legitimacy in Him. I pray they easily experience His presence and abide in His joy.
What a blessing to abide in His joy! I know I need that joy every day. Not just happiness, but abiding joy that endures through every trial and storm. The joy of His presence, knowing He is my Rock, my Comfort, holding me in the palm of His hand.
Lord, keep me wrapped in your joy today!

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