Friday, January 8, 2010

Home-maker's Binder

We've been working on a homemaking binder as part of our Keepers class for the girls. I started mine about a year ago, and WOW, what a lifesaver it is coming to be.

I've found some really great sites with free printable planners and charts ranging from homeschool planners to auto repair checklists. Mine is still a work in progress and not ready to show any photos yet, but I can show you some amazing binders already put together so you can get a feel for what I'm talking about. I'll put some links at the end of the post.

For my girls, I've got a chore chart and a daily schedule of their school subjects that I made. I print it out on pretty pink paper or whatever their favorite color happens to be that week.

I also made a couple of individual sheets for each topic we study in Keepers like bread-making, tatting, knitting, or even whatever crafty thing they are into. I print the title at the top of the page and have a few lines where they write in what they learned about the topic. That I make with my worksheet generator. It is so super-easy and you can choose to print your worksheet with ruled lines or lines with the dotted line in the center depending on the level of your budding writer.

My experience with a household binder is that it helps keep me organized. It's a place for all my thoughts, plans, and ideas to at least get put in black and white. I'm definitely not a slave to the binder, my life is a tad too complicated for that. But it is becoming central to keeping my home humming along. I love it!

Here are some great sites with photos to get your interested piqued

Organzied Home


Eclectic Education's Squidoo lense--with lots more links at the bottom

Donna Young She has lots of printable planners and an entire section on homeschool planners as well.

The Homeschool Mom has lots of great ideas too

Happy planning and organizing!

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The Keepers may like these! Have you considered sharing your idea?