Saturday, April 17, 2010

Kk is for Kite

Kk is for KITE!!

Spring is finally here and of course with that comes the blustery, windy days just perfect for flying a kite.

(this is from

I found some really cute tracing pages from Confessionsofahomeschooler

She's got an entire pre-k letter of the week printable curriculum on her blog and we've been blessed to enjoy.

I borrowed this idea from and just made my own kites from colored paper. As you can see, my little preschooler loved clipping on the clothes pins to make tails on her kites.

Ok, I've tried three times to get this the right way, I don't think my computer likes me today....I know I've done this correctly before, but for some reason, it keeps appearing sideways. But this is the inside of her lapbook
She did tracing pages from and I found a couple of cute mini-books with a kite theme. My favorite is the elephant and kite one below. 'The kite in the wind goes Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh...all day long.'

See the elephant book? So cute, right?!! I made a pocket to hold her mini-books and a pocket for her tracing pages and kite counting too. We made the Roll-a-Kite from Confessions of a homeschooler too--BIG HIT!!

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H0MEFree said...

Looks great online, doesn't it!
BTW, the 10 apples pocket needs a bottom flap. (Discovered than when we were making out totbook the other day.) I made up a new blackline master if you want it. I will be scanning and putting them online soon I hope.