Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Where in the world is...

Life is busy here. We haven't been doing much schooling the last couple of weeks. June was chock-full of general craziness along with several events, birthdays, and changes. The biggest change for us is that we moved half an hour away from our hometown to a place with a small town feel. We've just gotten settled and still have boxes EVERY-where. The new place had no stove, fridge or washer/dryer, so this week has been more like camping than actual camping--minus the sleeping on the ground!
My computer isn't set up yet, so I'm tapping away on my hubby's laptop. Still not sure how to load pictures on this thing yet, so no photos to post. Right now, my main focus is getting these mountains--ahem--boxes unpacked and things settled in.

The best part about the new place?? I finally have every homeschooling mom's dream--a place for an actual school room!! I am beyond excited to get my new school room set up. You will not believe how MANY of our boxes are marked "Homeschool" or 'School books' and 'School crafts'. I lost count at 15. There's way more sitting in my kitchen and a few stragglers in the garage just waiting to be re-discovered.
For the school room, I have our old kitchen table and my hubby got a really cool desk from his work. His place of business had a silent auction on some leftover furniture and he won two desks, a huge file cabinet and two desk chairs for $5 bucks!! One of the desks is for our office, and the other is for the new school room. Feeling like a kid in a candy store with all the ideas I've got swimming in my head. Visions of chalkboard painted walls and places to hang the kids' artwork keep coming to me. Oh, the possibilities!!

So back to unpacking I go...or maybe for a nap...whew, this is so much more draining than I remember it being.

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Anonymous said...

Lucky you! Or should I say, Blessed you! We will probably be moving in the next couple of months and I'm not looking forward to packing OR unpacking, but I am excited about going somewhere new. My husband is pretty sure his job is coming to an end here, and this is not really home to us, so we're anxious to get on to the next place that God has for us. I haven't talked to you on lapbook lessons for a while, but I've been on Facebook a lot lately. I love sharing links and reading what others post there. We have been delving into Arthur Burk's stuff even more. My oldest son has learned all about the Redemptive Gifts and he's teaching the rest of us. We went through the Developing Your Spirit CD's together - my dh and 2 oldest. The next oldest started going through it but didn't finish. We have learned a lot about curses and blessings from him.
Well, congratulations on the new house and school room and small town!
I just wanted to get back in touch with you.