Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lunch time!!

The lunch dilemma:

You've finally started your day. Kids are sitting, pencils are scratching away, if you're lucky, you might have even got your read-aloud in by now...or not. But still it's looking like a good day.

And then it happens.

Someone starts it.

"Moooooooooooooommmmmmmm, I'm getting hungry"

"What, you just ate, like 3 hours ago. As I recall, a bowl of oatmeal, some fruit, and even your left-over pb&j from yesterday. How can you be hungry already?"

More children chime in: "Yeah, me too" "When's lunch?" "What are we having today?"


You mean I'm suppossed to plan that too?

So this year, I thought I'd *try*--key word here is TRY, folks. Try to make and stick to some kind of plan/menu/track for lunch. A friend of mine suggested that I make a two week menu and rotate every two weeks. That sounded simple enough to me, but coming up with 10 different ideas that ALL my kids will like, that are (mostly) nutritious, definitely filling, and most of all does not require a ton of thought and time on my part is daunting. Yes, daunting!

Week 1

Monday: a tough day, hard to start the week, so super easy, please-y, mac n' cheese-y with veggies, dip and applesauce.

Tuesday: co-op day calls for quick sandwiches, crackers and fruit

Wednesday: Burritos with salsa and sour cream. Veggies in the burrito count, right?!! YES!!

Thursday: Egg salad sandwiches, carrots and dip.

Friday: Lunchables. My kids love to make their own lunchables. They usually have string cheese, lunchmeat, veggies and fruit with dip, and add crackers, popcorn, or whatever else they feel like. They LOVE to be in charge and make it themselves.
Week 2

Monday: Tuna sandwiches with celery, crackers

Tuesday: Pb&j day--

Wednesday: Spagettii or top ramen. My kids beg for Top Ramen. We call it 'Curly Noodles' in our home.

Thursday: Mini-pizzas on bagels or English muffins (or just plain ol' bread if mamma hasn't made it to the store yet.) Dried fruit mix.

Friday: Lunchable Day!!!

There you go...a two week rotating lunch menu. Now where's my shopping list....

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Stacey,momof 2 said...

do they like hard bolied eggs? My s does... he calls them twirly eggs cause they twirl on the plate.