Thursday, August 19, 2010

True calling of Motherhood

I saw this on Nobel Womanhoods facebook page this morning and just loved it.

You see, there is no higher calling, no greater privilege than being a vessel of life and later a teacher of souls which will live for ever. This is a crucial point: These children will live forever, either in Heaven, or in Hell. We not only have the privilege of introducing them to the world, but God has given us the... honor of assisting our husbands in the great work of introducing these little ones to the God Who loves them. No empire, no credential, no golden treasure, no corporate success story can ever rival the glory of this calling.Praying mothers, teaching mothers, faithful mothers – the Church needs you. She needs mothers who will crave children, and love them and bless them to be the warriors of the next generation. Motherhood! Blessed motherhood! The time has come to once again sing the praises of this calling. Though bloodied by the barbs of feminism, Christian motherhood will not be vanquished."

~ Beall Phillips in Verses of Virtue

Over the past two or three years, I've been studying the Mother heart of God. It's an odd concept since we generally see God as our Father, so don't think I've gone crazy or 'new age' or anything. Basically following the thought process that God is everything we need and created women in His image with His unique in their ability to nurture, mother and give life both spiritually and physically, the conclusion is that He has planted in each of us mothers heart after His own to raise our children. Some of us tap into that heart in our relationship with Him, some don't. For me it's been a long journey that will ever-continue as I attempt to cast off the old and put on the new likeness of Christ as a mother to my children. Reminders like this that my daily teaching, training, nurtuing and pouring life into my children may not show immediate rewards or fruit, but in the end the fruit will remain.

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H0MEFree said...

We are ever learning, aren't we?
Good post. I hope that others will read and consider the full scope of who the Lord is and how we can best emulate Him.