Friday, March 18, 2011

Baby on Board

Ah the joys of a little one. She's so snuggly, so cute when she smiles, so precious when she sleeps...IF she sleeps. Ah, the joys of colic. Yep, right now my life is spelled C.O.L.I.C. and it sucks. 

Imagine if you will, the three older children sitting at the table, books out, pencils ready. They're all fresh, fed and ready for the school day to begin....And me in the living room holding a screaming baby saying:

"OK, Get out your math and do your next lesson." 
"But, Mom, I don't want to take a bath!"
"No, dear MATH" 

OY! Or how about, "Alright, today we're covering (cue baby crying...mamma rocking and patting baby)Germany, (more baby cries and general fussiness) let's get out our notebooks( Patting, burping fussy baby)and find Germany (Oops, she spit up all over your paper, sweetie, I'm sorry, here's a towel. Big Sister will get you another paper) on the map. Ok, Big Sister, read this page while I go change the baby.

Exit mamma and baby to change a diaper.

Do you think they read the assigned page?!!  Not likely! 

And so goes our day...Much interrupted, many stops and pauses, and still trying to get the basics done because this mamma is only slightly freaking out that my oldest has to test this year--so we HAVE to keep going!

But the baby IS the lesson.  We play with her, change her, feed her. She laughs, coo's and smiles! She really is a little cutie pie.  Every day she changes a tiny bit and I think to myself, she'll never be this little again. *sigh* So tiny, so darling. I can't imagine life without her--or any of my children. But when they're so brand new, you just want to enjoy every second of it before they grow up.


Valerie said...

Oh my goodness, so glad to read this tonight! I had the same exact day TODAY. Baby is teething and I'm Yelling over the baby screaming about Australia and Platypus and uggh.

I finally just told them to go get a folder game!

Sorry to hear you're dealing with Colic, I've yet to have to tackle that one, but I'll be praying for you!

:) Valerie

anna douglas said...

Hey, I just read an article called "The Baby is the Lesson". But I can't remember where it was. Do you know where it is?

I'm Penney Douglas. I'm signed in under my daughter's name. I found out I have Google accounts in about five names under my 2 different email accounts. Every time I sign in, I see a different picture. And under one of them, I'm under Anna's name!