Friday, April 22, 2011

Resurrection Week

This is Holy Week, so we took a break from school and focused on Jesus and the true meaning of Easter.  We do this every year, and I love our collection of games and lapbooks and other items we make for this week.  We did a little Passover study too (no pics of that) and we made a paper Sedar plate and added items from the Passover meal. 

Then we worked on our Resurrection lapbook. We did a couple of mini-books each day and some crafts to go along.  Here is our oldest's lapbook:

 And our second grader's
 Here is what we used for our main study:

On the left: A Resurrection coloring book, their lapbooks

In the Center: Abeka Bible story cards. My mom gave me hers from when she taught us and I can't tell you what a treasure they are to me. The pictures are like paintings, and they tell the stories from Scripture so beautifully.  I love them.   We also have our Resurrection eggs we made with our homeschool group a couple of years ago. My kids love getting these out and opening them up to see what is inside.  Then a few books we've collected over the years. We have more, but these are the ones we used most this week. One of them came with a cute dvd that has a cartoon of the story. Very cute!

On the right are our games all from Valerie's site and Can I tell you what a blessing she is?!! She makes all kinds of games and printables for kids. I (heart) her!!  We played the games several times, and my kindergartener loved them the most. She's so proud that she can do it herself and can read the instructions and game cards....Oh wait did I say read?!! Yep, she's reading now!  That's a whole 'nother post ;o)

So that's our week in a nutshell.  He is Risen! Hallelujah!!

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