Friday, May 20, 2011

End of the year already?

So another school year is closing in on me again. As usual, it comes way too quickly and this year, an added bonus of the dreaded word= TESTING.

This is the first year any of our children have to test, so it has been a year of constant review, minor freak outs and endless questions. Questions to all my other homeschooling friends who have tested, from my child to us about the BIG test, questioning myself if I've done get the idea.

Just to be on the safe side, I picked the VERY last day our tester was available, and we ordered a practice test to...well practice with, of course! In my heart, I'm not too worried, because I know she knows her stuff. but the process of taking a test, being judged by someone else,worrying she won't fill in those tiny bubbles correctly has me up at night sometimes. 

Looking towards next year has me wondering what  might need tweaking. I know there is no 'perfect' curriculum out there, but I'm seeing some gaps that need filling in with what we're using. So I'm on the lookout for whatever it is I think I'm searching for that will make it all better.  And if I can find it for a decent price so much the better.  One thing I have learned this year is that even though I can use a little of this and that, or leave some things out that aren't as important, I shouldn't skimp on the things that will make everything flow together.  I ended up getting a few things halfway through our year that I really should have bought at the beginning. NOT happening again! So this summer, in order to start fresh and (hopefully) on the right foot, I'm carefully considering what we will be using as our spine and gathering what we need to make it all complete. 

Here is door number one: 

It's a complete, Bible based history and science curriculum. We've done MFW for the past two years and loved it.  Even though we don't do every activity or read every single book recommended, it's been a great foundation for our kids to learn history from a Godly and Biblical perspective. It's expensive, yes. But worth it?  Oh yeah!

Door number two:

The Mystery of History.  Simlar to MFW, and I've read great reviews. It looks a little less expensive, but I've heard the projects are alot more intense.  Still, I'm hoping to get a hands on look at it at our state homeschool convention to be able to compare the two.

And finally door number three:

Make up my own Bible based history/science lessons.  I have a Diana Waring cd set from her Ancinet Civilization curriculum, and I'm looking into adding in some hands on books from places like CBD, or Rainbow Resources. How crazy am I for even thinking that? 

So what are you planning for next year?

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Erin J said...

If you are going the make your own route. For Ancients Greenleaf Press has some books that may be helpful as a spine. Check them out. I like how you have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice. Its been many a time when I had to go through door number 3 myself. I don't think its that hard these days to make your own history and science curriculum but I would be darn if I try and do a thing with Math. So I usually buy my Math first so I don't risk running out of budget and whatever is left goes towards the other subjects.