Tuesday, August 4, 2015

It's been years.....YEARS since I've blogged. Life has been so busy....I'm sure everyone's has.

Still four kids....so there's that reason

Still homeschooling...and that.

And I now have a teenager, two tweens and a preschooler...so there.

So I may not be consistent, but it seems like my inner mono log is always in blogger mode. So maybe. Maybe I will try again.

I never thought I'd be that mom. You know the one driving every one to every thing, every day (not really, but it feels like it some weeks). Spending all afternoon in the SUV (or mini van, or whatever..) Throwing Goldfish to the littles in the 'way-back' seat to keep them happy, and turning up the radio when U2 starts playing.

 And did I mention it's SUMMER?!?!!  I thought things were supposed to slow down in the summertime? We have had more lessons and practices and volunteer time and VBS and day camps in the last month than we had all school year! On more than one occasion, I have driven 30 miles one way, twice in one day, for certain children's sports equipment and practices.  Certain children who think it's my duty to drive them here and there with nerry a thought as to my own plans of reading a few more chapters, or attempting something that resembles yard work in the pitiful weed pile we call a backyard.  Certain children who are the reason I stash chocolate in the fridge behind the butter, and greedily sneak it when they are in the pool. (Shhhhhh....) It's been good,. Busy but good. And it's going to keep up at this pace til school starts.  COME ON SEPTEMBER!

But isn't that what I signed up for? Isn't that part of being a mom? I guess it is. If you have kids, life gets busy. Life gets messy, unorganized and chaotic. And that's ok. As long as I can get to my chocolate stash in time before the meltdown begins.  My melt down, not the preschooler's!

A wise pinterest pin says, "All I need is chocolate and a whole lot of Jesus" And that's the truth.

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