Friday, August 7, 2015

 Today I woke up and there were ants all over my kitchen counters. I can't even tell you how grossed ou I was! The creepy, crawly little critters even falling from the ceiling. They were everywhere!

And I started to wonder what kind of ants I have in my life. Jealousy, bitterness, anger. All these things that crawl into my life, take over my feelings and bring out the worst in me.. things that fall over me when I'm stressed or worried or feeling overdone from pouring it out out into everyone else every single day.

See I told you my inner thoughts were turning into a blog post! As I was cleaning up the dead black little bodies  scattered all over my counters I took a moment to actually pray.

For joy. For peace. For calm in the midst of the storm of the mundane everyday pouring out and filling a little buckets of the little people who depend on me every single day. I can't let the little ants take over my heart. My soul. My feelings. I don't have time for little ants to creep in and fill up my thoughts with negativity or take over my mind and lead me down the wrong path. I need more joy I need more peace. And the only way to be filled with that is to go to the  Source.


He's the source d. My lifeline in those crazy, chaotic stretching days that makes me wish for more coffee or chocolate.

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