Tuesday, November 17, 2015

 the best of intentions... I will brief you on my very busy fall thus far.

Sports what I have been up to. Taxi is my new name. I am a mom taxi.

 I have spent more time in the local high school parking lot than anyone I know. Dropping off and picking u up, waiting and waiting. Like right now,  I am waiting for one child to finish up practice.  And if the other wasn't so sick they'd be getting droped off for their practice.

I know I know. Some of you don't like the sports thing or maybe just don't do it due to various reasons. And I get it. Believe me. I do. I never thought this would be our path. But let me tell ya, my husband was a sports guy-not a jock- just naturally athletc and involved in any sport available.  And guess which side my kids take after in this department?

They've learned so much. Grown so much. They needed to learn from someone other than me.  And they love it

Its ok. I get it, but seriiusly the back and forth multiple times a day and throw in church,  piano and the occasional dash to the corner market for milk , and I am so do g tired by the end of the day.
I know someone out there gets it, right?!

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