Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Keeping it real

So I'm just keeping it real today. I am tired Repeat. I. AM. Tired.

The lovely wild ones and they're furry pets kept me up last night. It all started after Dad went to work and all the kids wanted to sleep with me. Sure. Why not? Because who doesn't want to share their bed with a gaggle of wiggly monsters?

After about an hour and a half of putting up with one of my daughters wiggling I finally kicked her out of bed. Oh wait! First she had a bad dream that's right. It's all coming back to me now.

Bad dream.
 She comes in Mom's bed. I start to fall asleep.
Wiggle wiggle, wiggle.

 Now it's past midnight and I finally kick her out and just have the baby with me. Finally, some sleep.

 About an hour later give or take, the new puppy starts howling downstairs. Did I mention he is a bloodhound? So when I say howl I mean HOWL!

Since he doesn't stop. I assume he's in distress. I trudge downstairs in the dark, look at him in his kennel and observe nothing is wrong. He must be seranading me while i sleep. How thoughtful!  I let him out anyways. The puppy and the big dog go outside in the dark to do their business while I stand there wondering if I should just leave them outside for the night or if I should wait.. What time is it anyways I wanderd to the clock. And is 3 AM people, 3 a.m. and I have slept maybe an hour. I go outside to call and beg the puppy to come in. The big dog is already inside and curled up on his pillow.  The puppy is running wildly around the pool. I can't see him very well. I see him come arounnd the corner and scamper off again. I time it just right the next go round and grab him as he comes around again. Good gravy dog, its 3 am and you have the energy of a jackrabbit.

Dogs come in, I go upstairs. I fall to sleep for the third, fourth time I don't even know anymore.

 The baby,that's right she still in bed with me, wakes up and has wet the bed. My bed! I give up! She scampers off to the bathroom to change, & I throw a towel over the damp sheet because at this point I am just too tired to care. Don't judge!

Finally, sleep. For maybe an hour or two until my alarm goes off and its time to get ready for another day. And that folks is why I am tired.

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