Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Keeping the little ones busy

Isn't that always the question we're asking?? What, and more importantly, HOW, do I keep my toddlers and even preschoolers busy, occupied and basiclly entertained (without turning on the t.v.) while I'm teaching my older kids? I'll admit it, lately my 2yo is distracting everyone with potty-training, stealing big brother's cars, legos; getting into big sister's chapstick, puzzle pieces...can you see where I'm going (loonytown, LOL!)
As always, salvation is where I least expect it--in this case the internet. I don't know how my mother survived without being able to click-click-click, dowload books, print worksheets, take a tour of China, order next years school books, write to grandma, all in 1/2 hour without leaving home!
So in this case, I found a site bursting full of ideas to keep my littles busy. Here it is free for anyone who can take a little time and maybe a trip to the $$dollar store$$ for a few supplies, but most of it you probably already have at home.



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