Saturday, July 3, 2010


Unpacking is hard work. But I have to get it all done because the new kitchen has a huge flaw. RED Walls! I'm talking R-E-D with a cutesy apple border about halfway down. Now I have nothing against the color red, I love red. But when the afternoon sun hits these walls, it has an eerie glow and just looks nasty. And I'm not that into fruit or veggies as kitchen decor. I'm more of a shabby-chic girl myself. Not to mention the previous owners did a poor job painting; you can see the roller-marks and the original white paint shows through in places. These pictures were taken before we moved in--so you can't see my mountains of boxes and how completely un-organized I am right now!
Bring your paint rollers and come on down!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, congratulations on the new baby on the way! So you will have 5? How exciting! When is your baby due?

I don't know if the Lord has any more planned for us or not. My husband likes the even number we have right now. When we first got married, I said I wanted at least 3 kids. He said he wanted an even number, so we settled on 4. But God settled on at least 10!

Thanks for replying! I hope to stay in touch better.
I'm Penney Hawkey Douglas on facebook. Please be my friend.